Kasper Jensen

Academic year 2018-2019


From September 2018, the faculty welcomes Kasper Jensen as visiting professor. Jensen is senior partner at 3XN architects and founder and director at GXN innovation. GXN was founded in 2006 and focusses on applied architectural research in green materials and building technologies. During his visiting professorship, Jensen will concentrate on circular architecture. He will be questioning what our circular future looks like and what it means to work and live in buildings inspired by the circular economy. His aim is to challenge and rethink how we approach and use materials, how we can design for greater flexibility and disassembly, what role digital fabrication has, and what business models will power the circular economy. 

Building a circular future

Jensen will contribute to the research and design education related to the project AMC Revisited 2020-2050 in Amsterdam/Amstel III, a collaboration with AMS, the city of Amsterdam, and the Chief Government Architect. He will focus on practical circular solutions, but with particular attention to the way that these solutions can scale up and impact the built environment at large. Additionally, he will be a visiting critic in various bachelor and master courses and join several events to contribute his knowledge of and experience with circularity in architecture. 

Circularity Lab, San Fransisco (image by 3XN/GXN)