Geomatics Day - Student project 2

How to store CityJSON simply and efficiently in a DBMS?

The main objective of the synthesis project is to develop a simple data model that would allow efficient storage of CityJSON in a DBMS. If successful, our data model will be open-sourced and further developed by 3D Geoinformation Group Delft and our client 3DGI. 3DGI is a commercial spin-off of 3D Geoinformation Group. It focuses on implementing and developing 3D geo-information in practice.

There are already some open-source solutions for storing CityGML and CityJSON in databases, like 3D City DB, but those data models are complex and bloated, which may cause performance issues. In our synthesis project, we will develop different data models and benchmark them against 3D City DB. These models will be based on PostgreSQL / PostGIS with the jsonb type. We will benchmark our models on 3D BAG. It will be benchmarked for storage-size as well as queries.

This project is commenced and supervised by: 3DGI