26 January 2021

Headquarters of DOCOMOMO International coming to TU Delft

At the end of the 1980s, many modern masterpieces had already been demolished or had changed beyond recognition. This was mainly due to the fact, that many were not considered to be elements of heritage, that their original functions had substantially changed and that their technological innovations had not always endured long-term stresses.

26 January 2021

The Future of Port City Regions

What does the future of the port city of Rotterdam look like? How do you maintain the identity of a city in transition, with a growing number of inhabitants, spatial, economic and political interests? For whom does the gentrification of a neighbourhood take place? These are some of the questions studied by the researchers of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus PortCityFutures programme.

13 January 2021

NWO budget for "Eilande(rs)n aan het Roer"

The programme "Eilande(rs)n aan het Roer" has been awarded a budget from NWO. In this programme researchers and social partners from the Caribbean and Dutch parts of the kingdom work together to bring together technical, traditional and contemporary knowledge practices.

07 January 2021

Andy van den Dobbelsteen appointed Sustainability Coordinator

The Executive Board has appointed Professor Andy van den Dobbelsteen as TU Delft Sustainability Coordinator with effect from 1 January 2021.

15 December 2020

The Netherlands is not prepared for protecting heritage against climate change

Climate change has major consequences for cultural heritage: pile foundations of historic buildings are deteriorating, and structures, landscapes and archaeological sites are in danger of flooding. The time for action is now, but the Netherlands is not ready for it, says researcher Dr Sandra Fatorić.

09 December 2020

Existing neighbourhoods energy-neutral thanks to innovative solar heat network

A solar heat network has proven to be technically and financially feasible for making existing neighbourhoods more sustainable and natural gas-free, as demonstrated by a consortium led by TU Delft

08 December 2020

2020 edX Prize for TU Delft online course on energy-neutral buildings

Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Eric van den Ham and Tess Blom (Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment) are the winners of the 2020 edX Prize for Exceptional Contributions in Online Teaching and Learning, with their online course “Zero-Energy Design: an approach to make your building sustainable”. Their MOOC is designed to help participants figure out which energy measures can be applied to make their buildings (more) sustainable and zero-energy consuming.

01 December 2020

First prototypes of the Circular Kitchen placed in rental properties

The Circular Kitchen is a kitchen that is easy to renew and lasts a lifetime. This means less resource use, emissions and waste. The kitchen consists of easily adaptable modules made of high quality, environmentally friendly material. This makes it easy to create variants that are tailored to individual preferences. The first Circular Kitchens are currently being tested in houses.

24 November 2020

Three BK alumni win NRP Master Prize 2020

This year, three BK alumni, Aditya Parulekar (Building Technology) Iris Moons (MBE) and Ananta Vania Iswardhani (Heritage & Architecture) won the first, second and third NRP Master Prize 2020.

20 November 2020

Research into face mask leakage

Philomena Bluyssen and Marco Ortiz are developing a method in the SenseLab to compare leakage rates in different non-medical face masks. Up to now the NEN standard does not contain such a test.

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