Façade leasing

An interdisciplinary research team within the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is developing a circular business model based on the use of multifunctional façades as performance-delivering tools. Under this scheme, the client is no longer the owner of the building envelope and its integrated building services, but instead leases them from a service provider through a long-term performance contract. Rather than purchase the façade panels as a product, the client hires the energy performance and user comfort services delivered to his building by this new façade system. 

This strategy could decrease the initial investment required for the renovation and construction of high performance building envelopes. This could, in turn, increase the rate and depth of technical improvement on both new buildings and building energy renovations, leading to the update of a large number of buildings across Europe which are in urgent need of technical retrofit. Façade Leasing could, meanwhile, accelerate the market uptake of new building technologies, and optimize the reuse and recycling of components and materials within the construction industry, by keeping these technologies in the hands of their manufacturers.   

Programme: EIT Climate-KIC
Project Initiator and Coordinator: TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Departments of Architectural Engineering + Technology and Management in the Built Environment 
Research Partners: TU Delft Campus Real Estate, Alkondor Hengelo, ABN AMRO Lease, VMRG, Het Opdrachtgeversforum in the Bouw, Instituut voor Bouwrecht, TU Munich, Office Vitae, University of Exeter Business School, AluEco.
Industry Partners: Alkondor Hengelo, Alcoa Kawneer | Hueck | Reynards | Sapa | Schüco, Aldowa, Clauss Markissen, De Haan Westerhoff, Kindow, MHZ, Panelen Holland, Real Capital Systems, Renson, Scheuten, Schuurman, Somfy, Trox, VML Technologies 
Researchers: Ir. Juan Azcarate-Aguerre, Prof.Dr.-Ing. Tillmann Klein
Duration: 01/2015 – Ongoing

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Ir. Juan Azcarate-Aguerre

Prof.Dr.-Ing. Tillmann Klein