Time Machine

Horizon 2020 FETflag GAP Grant

Time Machine aims to develop the big data of the past, a huge distributed digital information system mapping the European social, cultural and geographical evolution across times. This large-scale digitisation and computing infrastructure will enable Europe to turn its long history, as well as its multilingualism and multiculturalism, into a living social and economic resource.


Funder: European Commission
Programme: Horizon 2020
Grant amount: € 997.930
Role TU Delft:  Project participant (BK/EWI)
Project duration:  
TU Delft researchers:                 Prof.dr.ing. Carola Hein
Tino Mager
Dr. Jan van Gemert
Prof.dr.ir. Alessandro Bozzon
Prof.dr.ir. Geert-Jan Houben
Prof.dr. Jantien Stoter
Dr. Hugo Ledoux


Prof.dr.ing. Carola M. Hein