Stimulating the Adoption of low- carbon technologies by home-owners through increased Awareness and easy Access

The Triple-A project accelerates the Adoption of low-carbon technologies by transnational cooperation between local authority partners, who face the common challenge to stimulate home-owners to adopt low-carbon technologies. Jointly they develop and implement a (Triple-A) method that increases Awareness of low-carbon technologies among home-owners and simultaneously secures easy Access to technologies that fit their needs and resources.

One of the mobile consultancy centers developed in the framework of Triple-A (copyright: City of Mechelen)

Within the Triple A-project local and regional authorities from Belgium (Antwerpen, Mechelen, Ostend), France (PSEE Picardie), the Netherlands (Breda, Rotterdam) and the United Kingdom (Kent County Council) join forces to encourage home-owners in making their existing single-family homes more sustainable and thus reduce their energy consumption. They are supported by 2 universities (TU Delft and Ghent University), and by a Belgian utility (Eandis/ Fluvius).

Main research outputs of the project are ICT solutions, home energy monitoring system testing, concepts for collaborative actions, and for the use of demonstration exemplars to increase the adoption of low-carbon technologies.


Programme:Interreg 2 Seas Mers Zeeën, Priority Low carbon technologies
Overall budget:€ 5.297.095
Grant amount:€ 3.178.257
Contribution to TU Delft: ERDF: € 425.065; Province of South-Holland: € 106.266
Grant number: 2S02-029
Role TU Delft: Project partner
Project duration:January 2017 - January 2021
TU Delft researchers:       Erwin Mlecnik Ad Straub Frits Meijer

Project partners

City of Antwerp, City of Breda, Kent County Council, City of Mechelen, Public Service for Energy Efficiency (PSEE), City of Rotterdam, AG EOS, Ghent University, Eandis, Fluvius


Dr. ir. Erwin Mlecnik