Andreja Andrejevic

Building Technology

Image: Impression Khalifa International Stadium

The design of a maximised transparent roof structure, to create the most optimal micro climate for the Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar

This graduation project shows the design and analysis of a maximised transparent roof structure for the Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar, to create an optimal semi-indoor climate in extreme summer weather conditions.

Because of the help of computers, designs are becoming much easier to predict, which makes us challenge ourselves to design in the most extreme situations. Designing a roof for a stadium in an extreme climate gives new insights in different use of materials, smart climate/structural design and the quality of sustainable building. This results in high complexity of structural demands and the importance of climate adaptive building. From a climate to a structural perspective, the design has to balance between both disciplines, without exceeding one another’s preconditions. For such roofs, a wide range of design and engineering analyses is required. By conducting wind, heat and lighting analyses certain design requirements are imposed. Resulting in a wind based structural cable-stayed roof design and a heat and lighting based secondary structural glass design. A roof where structural design meets climate design.

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