Floor Hoogenboezem

Heritage & Architecture

Reconciling Post-Industrial Townscapes

A proposal to reshape the abandoned factory village in the outskirts of Lisbon, to a new configuration of public space.

The project is a proposal on how to challenge social, environmental and spatial difficulties we experience in our modern society. Vacant industrial areas provide space to address problems such as segregation, scarcity and unemployment. At the same time, they provide the opportunity to give an important part of history back to local residents. 

In Beato, many of these residents belong to the category of disadvantaged people in terms of education and employment. Hence, existing industrial buildings are transformed to create inspiring and healthy learning environments, as part of a new opportunity education centre. The goal is to stimulate learning and making and inspire people by the presence of history, nature and play.

Old earthenware traditions are used to transform the industrial space into an inspiring place. Besides Portuguese warmth, affordability and environmental advantages, the on-site produced Compressed Earth Bricks promote engagement and thus integration of the site within this post-industrial village.

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