Jochen Aarts

Architecture and Public Building

Image: Night scene of the building on the edge of the fifth plateau hub.

The Fifth Plateau: Defining the threshold for a third industrial revolution in Luxembourg Ville

Luxembourg can be read as a system of plateaus interconnected by large pieces of infrastructure. The edges of the plateaus fulfil a communicating function together with the urban ensembles that occupy the platform. The development of these separate islands has always gone hand in hand with a specific economic ambition.

The program aims to activate the currently empty plateau and addresses the newest economic ambition of Luxembourg, namely The Third Industrial Revolution. The project is a contemporary approach towards the edge condition in Luxembourg. It manifests itself as a 500m long, light weight, flexible structure that moves with and accentuates the topographical condition of the fifth plateau. The building sets out to function as the threshold for the further development of the Fifth plateau so that it can play its role as a new chapter within the history of the development of the plateaus in Luxembourg Ville.

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