Monika Byra

Heritage & Architecture

Image: Gateway to MMC

The Gateway to MMC. Meanings of narrative and ageing in Beato, Lisbon

In the era of globalisation and the rising problem of rapid aging of the population, there is a need to rethink the notions of place-making and adjust them to the new context. Beato, one of the Lisbon’s poorer districts, must be remade in a spirit which will bring attachment and new identity into the place and which will also include elder generations.

The strategy of the design assignment stresses the importance of the age – friendly design and the sustainability of the development. The main target groups are local residents and the new social faction: Active Third Age Generation.

Manutencao Militar Complex becomes the flexible catalyst and it allows the old structures to flourish once again. The Supermarket building connects profitable and social function. The newly added upper structure of the elderly school encourages to enter MMC, but once inside, it surrenders to the history: MMC’s old walls and structures are playing the first fiddle, as it should be.

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