Chun Kit Wong

Borders & Territories

Section of the Camera Obscura chambers

Museum of New Fiction

Museum of New Fiction is an architectural investigation on the ontology of narratives, and its relationship with the city. Sited in Uzbekistan, the city of Tashkent is construed as one which has undergone years of political struggles and dynamic geopolitical boundaries. As a result, a palimpsest of narratives has left an enigmatic imprint on the spatial - anthological aspect of Tashkent, demanding a deeper study. The Oligopticon as an antithetical response to the panopticon popularised by Bentham’s prison underpins this project as a typological investigation into the spatial implications of the Oligopticon. The distortion of narratives is expressed by the decontextualisation of images achieved through the use of the camera obscura. Such a tool produces an image that is a superimposition of projections within the Voronoi chambers of the museum. When observing the images within the chambers, they are distorted and deformed, conjuring new images and thereby producing a repository of new fiction.

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