Aditya Pravin Soman

Building Technology

GEN-ARCH: Platform for creating architectural configurations using generative design

The construction industry is expanding rapidly all over the world. In the Netherlands itself, there is a need for the construction of one million affordable new homes by 2030. Such a massive demand for new buildings calls for a solution for mass customisation of architectural configurations. Simple repetition can lead to a badly configured building which is not ideal and can lead to a great deal of social and environmental problems.

GEN-ARCH offers a solution to this problem by utilising the power of Generative design and human-centred Artificial Intelligence in design by means of an open configuration platform. The platform can be used to develop architectural configurations for open buildings which is inherently a participatory, customisable and a sustainable design concept. It also offers the opportunity for the future occupants of these buildings to participate in the design and decision-making process, thus democratising the entire architectural design process for these mass-customised buildings.