Bartosz Kobylakiewicz

Dwelling Graduation Studio: Global Housing

Urban Ethnography

Development-Induced Empowerment: The Roof Villages of Addis Ababa

The following design hypothesis addresses the dilemma between city centre development and displacement of slum dwellers in Addis Ababa. Over the last few decades, the densely populated city centre has been undergoing a rapid urban development in order to improve the economics and performance of the city. While urban development is essential to long-term poverty eradication, it is also a direct cause of displacement of slum dwellers to city peripheries. As a majority of the urban population utilises slum areas as spaces for work and relies on close proximity to the city centre, eviction depletes them of sources of income and deteriorates the quality of their lives. The goal of the design hypothesis is to create a new urban paradigm that would allow for slum dwellers to remain in the city centre while facilitating further development for the city centre.