Charlotte Beijer

Architectural Engineering

fish ponds - farmers and fishers can connect in a shared environment

Petani Pasar Marabunta (Farmer Market): Transforming a colonial heritage building into a fish market by providing a circular water source and public local economic values for the community of Bandarharjo, Semarang

The Marabunta Farmers’ Market proposes an integrated design of water-related purification and protection features for the coastal community of Bandarharjo, Semarang. Local activities such as fishery, markets and street entertainment are part of the inhabitants' daily lives.

The main problem in informal urban areas is the lack of healthy water infrastructure. Ecology is a crucial element in the design proposal. The chosen site has a heritage value and is a node of all the four water flow lines in Bandarharjo. The project invests in promoting the community's relationship with water and integrating low-tech approaches to new building technologies with local and reused materials. First, it provides new alternative water resources that are circularly purified from collected rainwater and recycled sewage. Second, it encourages environmental and economic profit through a marketplace that sells street food with urban farming activities and public places adaptable to situations of extreme flood risk.