Hanna Rudner

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1:50 model and the final built exhibition. Photos by Hanna Rudner and Stijn Boermans

Architect as a mediator; Exhibition about co-living at the Jacoba Van Beierenlaan student housing complex

Budget: 6500 EUR. Built and conceived in collaboration with residents, student volunteers, international architecture students, DUWO Housing Association, Project Together, EFL Stichting, TU Delft FAST Funds and more, JVB Expo is in and about the Jacoba van Beierenlaan student housing complex in Delft, a chaotic castle where, in each flat, a group of 16-18 lives together and in many ways does it well. The JVB Expo proposes a distinct way to practice architecture in our time. It uses temporary architecture to talk about an existing building. The outdoor exhibition built from rented construction fences shows the qualities of communal living in light of the ongoing debate about building independent studios vs. communal spaces. It dismisses singular authorship. Networks of collaborations and conflicts between stakeholders are embraced as exciting opportunities for the development of built environment. Not obstacles. It generates knowledge from the appraisal of what exists. Architecture can be about seeing what is already there, instead of always building new. It is about creating agency. JVB Expo embraces human life - the mess of it and the fun of it.