Nurhadi Nugraha

Heritage & Architecture

Clipping Kampung: Nurturing Resilience in Hoptille Through Lessons from Kampung

Hoptille in Amsterdam is struggling with sociospatial issues. At least two qualities of adaptability and transformability are required to improve socio-ecological resilience. Clipping Kampung aims to improve the resilience of Hoptille heritage neighbourhood by creating intervention and framework based on lessons learned from Indonesian Kampung. Indonesian Kampung has a quality to be more adaptable due to its residents’ bonds that encourage them to help and take care of each other and their environment. Moreover, it also has a transformability quality, in which the neighbourhood’s function shifts, enriches and organically grows over time. Clipping Kampung provides the framework that tries to fit within the heritage context of Hoptille, Dutch housing, incremental housing and sustainability, towards the emergence of cooperative housing in the Netherlands. Last, this project believes in the time dimension that allows people to add layers of growth to their environment.