Olga Gumienna

Complex Projects

Signal Path from Transmitter to Receiver

Space of Signal

5G is overtaking cities everywhere. However, it is not yet investigated how this new era of data speeds will affect the built environment. How do we incorporate new 5G antennae into architecture? How do we design cities and particular buildings to assure a reliable, stable signal?

By designing two, interdependent facilities – signal transmitter and receiver - the project reveals how the architecture and urban landscape should be designed to provide uninterrupted 5G connection. Both buildings are designed with a particular focus towards the urban relation between facilities, efficient placement of antennae and programmatic consequences within each building.

The project will therefore embrace the different spatial and material qualities required to transmit and receive 5G. By looking through the scientific lenses of signal streams and directions, the final outcome is a speculation on how, together with 5G implementation, the built environment will be shaped by the invisible dimension of data signals.



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