Pedro Pantaleone

Borders & Territories

Territory and Trans-gression: An architecture of failure

As we head towards scenarios of radical resource depletion and more frequent cataclysms linked to climate change, waste products continue to accumulate drastically.
This project designs post-catastrophe architecture and formulates alternative methodologies for resilience, namely a switch towards embracing failure and decay as valuable design elements.

The project’s site is Degtyarsk, a small town in post-Soviet Siberia, where industrial processes of mineral exploitation have caused the territory to heavily deteriorate.
The project provides catalytic spatial solutions aimed at the rehabilitation of the territory. Low-functional structures built with waste materials develop in time into more complex configurations. They provide infrastructural support for the local community to build with debris: testing facilities for scrap building materials, storing and classification spaces and workshops.
Territory and Trans-gression is a step torwards embracing the prospect of crisis as a perpetual state, focusing attention on process-oriented methods of building.