Tslil Strauss

Architectural Engineering

CraftWerk: a first case study of the Urban Transplant. Brussels, Belgium

Urban Transplant: Concrete Transformation Methods with Re-use

In light of the urgent climate crisis and continuously growing socioeconomic gaps, Urban Transplant (UT) offers a conceptual framework for post-capitalist architecture. Supported by in-depth research on cutting in situ concrete structures into standardised components, UT enables circular transformation methods for the built environment. These methods represent the holistic and sensitive view of UT towards materials, context and people.

The concept of a dual site is introduced as building components are transplanted from the donor site into the host site. A first case study in Brussels demonstrates - spatially and structurally, as well as ecologically and socially - the opportunities and impact of the framework.

An exploration of the relationship between our comfort and the excessive use of natural resources results in questioning current regulation, building norms and cultural habits. The design, which strives for social equality while acknowledging the scarcity of natural resources, demonstrates an alternative sustainable building practice.