Yamini Patidar

Building Technology

3d section depicting the integration of Climate Cascade, Solar Chimney, and ventilation ducts

Housing refurbishment using the Earth, Wind and Fire System: Towards a nearly energy-neutral housing in the Netherlands

The Dutch housing sector built before 1995 constitutes about 80 percent of the total housing in the Netherlands, yet it consumes the highest percentage of primary energy and exhibits poor comfort for residents. This thesis addresses the energy incompetence issue by refurbishment of old housing through the implementation of the Earth, Wind & Fire system.
The system harnesses the environmental energy of earth mass, wind and sun to naturally air-condition the building through the components Climate Cascade, Ventec Roof and Solar Chimney. Through a four-step refurbishment strategy, the proposed design reduces energy consumption by 79 percent and transforms the building into nearly energy-neutral housing, validated through dynamic simulations. With its spectacular components, Climate Cascade and Solar Chimney designed with an exposed mechanism, the design bridges the gap between architecture and climate technology, serving as a symbol of energy efficiency for the building.
A refurbishment strategy that improves comfort, reduces energy consumption, adds to architectural aesthetics and contributes towards a sustainable zero-energy built environment--what are we waiting for?