Aron Jansen

Architectural Engineering

A view on the farmland of South-Limburg

I ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more: Reinterpreting the farm - a viable countryside

In the agricultural sector, scaling up and current farming practices are problematic for biodiversity and the farm’s well-being; they are pushing farmers to find ways to add new value to their product or business. The rest of us are alienated from the countryside and its purpose, which is not just production.

This project reinterprets an existing farm in Limburg. Vacancy and sustainability are themes that the current owner faces. The starting point: the farmer remains but the programme becomes more diverse. The new functions are a suggestion of what is possible to make a farm and farmland viable. Short-stay, dwelling and visible craftsmanship can bring closer to our landscapes once again.

For construction, materials such as hemp, loam and timber were harvested from the land and surrounding area. Ultimately, in addition to growing regular agricultural crops, the farmer in question can grow building materials such as hemp, for which there is a growing demand.