Fatma Serra Akgiray

Architectural Design Crossovers

Quarry X: Disrupting the waste ecology in London

Waste is an invaluable resource, but it has become an urban issue with the consumptive habits of modern society. While waste processes are industrial and monofunctional, the operational landscapes of these processes are seen as a disturbance to urban life and appear as a strange non-city fabric.

Quarry X aims to disrupt the urban waste ecology to generate alternative pathways for material flow in the city. To operationalise this, Quarry X disrupts the notions of resource disposability and hierarchical boundaries between producers and consumers.

In a new mixed-use, high-rise neighbourhood, Quarry X becomes an interface that connects the waste stream of electrical and electronic equipment with collaborative workspaces for art, craft and technology. Quarry X offers creativity-based, circular alternatives for the material recovery of these complex products, benefits the local community, and creates new synergies in land use around this new type of waste infrastructure.

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