Luiz Felipe do Nascimento

Transitional Territories

Regeneration of Ecological Integrity in the Tietê River Basin

The design proposal intends to tackle the increasing extreme climate issues threatening the continuation of inhabitation and agricultural production in the Tietê River Basin, in Southeast Brazil. Originally covered by the Atlantic Rainforest and the Cerrado, the basin is now mostly occupied by urbanized landscapes, associated with spaces of intense production forming highly-industrialized agriculture clusters. 

This project argues for the necessity of revaluation of the current pivots of the Paulista economy, currently based on the accumulation of wealth by extractive industries and agriculture, and the changes to the urban and peri-urban fabric that would be necessary to accommodate this shift.

The design looks for possibilities of occupying the land in sync with the environment and welfare by reinterpreting the land-use patterns in the region. This is translated into a multi-scalar landscape urbanism proposal providing insights into an alternative future for a land that has been shaped in form and content by the exploitative use of soil.