Maurice Verhoef

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The Backbone, indeterminate framework

The Backbone: Indeterminate Framework

Even though the environment changes rapidly, architecture today is often designed as fixed and pre-determined spaces. ‘The Backbone’ is a response to static architectural objects and focuses on establishing a design that creates the freedom to be able to respond to unforeseen activities, such as a shift in programme. Spaces here are indeterminate, which allows users to appropriate spaces.   

The existing concrete rail gains a new definition as a corridor, functioning as the main circulation axis and distributor of all services. Materials are locally harvested from demolished warehouses, forming a patchwork that represents Binckhorst’s unique post-industrial status. The plugged-in boxes provide large open volumes varying in dimensions and qualities. Being divided into primary and secondary structures that are interchangeable and modular generates flexibility in use, such as dance/music events, sports, markets, exhibitions, workshops and dinners. In addition to this, the operable cranes make sure different configurations in structure, site and interior are possible, creating a different ‘performance’ every visit.  

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