Olivia Dolan

Architecture & Dwelling, Global Housing

A design toolkit for Navi Mumbai’s Gaothans.

Maker Housing Navi Mumbai: Mixing Navi Mumbai

The exponential population growth of Navi Mumbai and the Global South has resulted in an urgent need for housing, improved quality of life and resources. Using a design toolkit, Maker Housing proposes an alternative mode of living in these unique urban contexts. ‘Gaothans’ is a Marathi word derived from the word ‘Gaon’ (meaning ‘village’). Many of these villages are under threat from urbanization to cater to the over demand within the population. The project aims to use vernacular construction materials and methods to promote sustainable architecture and traditional craftsmanship to reignite the usage of original techniques. In turn, the toolkit aims to accommodate all urban conditions of the village and surrounding area by investigating craftsmanship on every scale. From brick to urban, the project allows for the identity and collective memory of the village to not only thrive but also protect its future survival.

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