Savanne van Harrewijen

Advanced Housing, Ecologies of Inclusion

Togetherness facade; resembling the flights of bats in the mountain landscape of Rotterdam

Togetherness: Solo species sharing space in central Rotterdam

How can a community of multi-generational solo dwellers and non-human species coexist near Rotterdam station today? The ‘Togetherness’ project creates innovative dwelling spaces based on three ecologies: the individual, the shared and the environmental.

The building offers loft homes for starters, cluster apartments for middle-class and senior citizens, maisonettes for single parents and habitats for bats. Considering different sharing capacities for each target group leads to the articulation of different layers of shared spaces, thus promoting various forms of cohabitation. The public spaces and collective facilities on the ground floor are open to residents and visitors. The co-living apartments contain shared living rooms and kitchens. Bats live in the interstices of the façade, offering different shelter capacities throughout the year. Diverse ways of living together are connected in one residential building, which resembles the mountain landscape of the city.