Zofia Sośnierz

Borders and Territories

Activating Continuity: Interval as a link between past, present and future

This thesis focuses on defining and exploring the Interval Spaces and later using them to analyse the Project Site and imply their spatial logic in Architectural Design. A site in Marseille that contained ancient ruins was mapped and analysed. The logic of Interval Spaces was used to create a spatial situation that would enable experiencing the ruins in an entirely new way. The space was formed through complex Interval Spaces, which would activate the ruins by integrating them into the design by exposing, dislocating or recreating them. It created a new approach to designing with ancient ruins and forming spatiality. Lastly, it explored a new way of looking at sites. The site was not perceived as a clean slate but as a space full of traces of the past, which when taken into account in the new project only enriched it.