Babette van Schaik

Management in the Built Environment

Digital twin as circularity enabler of fa├žades in maintenance - A research into how a digital twin can facilitate the circularity maintenance of fa├žades

Maintenance plays a vital part in the Circular Economy (CE). Repairing, upgrading and restoring fa├žades extend their lifecycle and reduces waste. The European Union and Dutch government have set goals to reach a circular future: in 2050 the built environment must be 100% circular. However, this demands a tremendous change in the current maintenance system. Fa├žades are often maintained for the service life of only 50 years. Therefore, the quality at end-of-life is usually low. Additionally, due to issues in information capture and management, the condition at end-of-life is also challenging to determine. Therefore, fa├žades are discarded as waste, sometimes way before they are at their actual end-of-life. Furthermore, to increase the circular potential of fa├žades, the existing maintenance system requires change. In this research, an investigation is done into how the current maintenance system can be facilitated towards circular maintenance utilising digital technologies.