Natalia Echeverri

Management in the Built Environment

The Flexible Workplace - An exploration into the value of co-working spaces as an accommodation strategy for corporations

The highly competitive and dynamic business environment of today has resulted in increasing pressure for the efficiency of the main resources. As corporations seek to quickly respond and adapt to the changes in the environment, strategic decisions about the workplace become fundamental as it entails the two most expensive resources of any organisation: human capital and real estate. Within the wide range of flexible workplace options now available in the market, co-working is of particular interest due to its exponential growth in the last years; as this trend continues to grow and companies start considering it as part of their accommodation strategy, understanding the value of co-working in corporate real estate becomes essential. This research aims to understand how co-working as a real estate strategy can contribute to the performance of a corporation, while meeting the flexibility demands of the organisation and its knowledge workers.