In the Master Phase of the study more specific aspects of concrete structures are presented. Courses in this stage are CIE 3150 “Concrete Structures 2” dealing with more specific principles of reinforced concrete and the basic principles of prestressed concrete, CIE4160 “Prestressed Concrete”, CIE4281 “Building Structures 2” with due attention to structural solutions in concrete, CIE5126 “Fatigue”, CIE5127 “Concrete Bridges” and CIE5131 “Fire Safety Design”. Aspects of the executions of concrete structures are discussed in the course CIE4170 “Construction Technology”. In the designing and construction of building structures mistakes sometimes are made. We can learn from these mistakes: CIE4240 “Forensic Structural Engineering” discusses this field of interest. Finally, in the course “Capita Selecta Concrete Structures” (CIE5130) various design aspects are discussed like structures under imposed deformations, containment structures and structures subjected to extreme loads. The Master is finalized with the Master Project, which takes about eight months. Various options are available. Master Projects in cooperation with a company or a foreign university are possible.

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