Storms, J.E.A.


I am the Head of Section of Applied Geology and co-coordinator of our Geo-Energy Engineering MSc track (ending September 2022).
I hold an MSc (Physical Geography 1998, Utrecht University) and a PhD (2002, TUD, cum laude) and was awarded a personal NWO-VIDI grant.


I am a sedimentary geologist working the interaction between hydrodynamics, surface dynamics and subsurface preservation forced by past, present and future climate change.
I feel strongly committed to apply our knowledge of sedimentary systems to improve our understanding and prediction of the impact of climate change on both natural and urbanised areas.

My research focuses on deltaic, coastal, lacustrine and fluvial systems and how they respond to imposed changes in river discharge and sealevel (climate-driven). I favor a combined approach of numerical simulations and sedimentological and geophysical field data analysis, generally from both present-day systems (e.g. Kangerlussuaq Fjord (Greenland), Strynvatnet (Norway), Lake Turkana (NE Africa), Caspian Sea, Adriatic Sea, Mahakam delta (Indonesia), Golo delta (France) and from various outcrop locations. By combining modelling and field research more can be learned from both worlds.

I collaborate nationally and internationally with Universities, Research Institutes and companies.

Educational Activities

I currently teach or am involved in the following master-level courses: AESM1305 Geo-Energy engineering Challenge, AESM1420 Advanced Sedimentary Geology, AESM1430 Simulation and Building of Stratigraphy, AESM1470 Fieldlab, AESM1475 Outcrop Geology, AESB Geology 3.

Furthermore, I participate in the Urbanism Studio (Architecture MSc), in Coastal Dynamics 2 (Hydraulic Engineering MSc), and are part of the TUDelft Delta Futures Lab.
I am involved in the redesign of the new AES program that will start in September 2022.

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  • Syn- and post sedimentary impact of compaction in deltas. PhD project Aulia Valencia (Funding LPDP Scholarship to Aulia Valencia).
  • Developing methods and workflows for the automated recognition and identification of stratigraphic architecture of fluvial and deltaic depositional systems present in seismic data using 3D forward numerical models focusing on acoustic response recognition. PhD Project Funding Delphi Consortium
  • Long DurĂŠe of WEF in post-extraction landscapes: Learning from Gauteng and Limpopo Regions to develop an interdisciplinary approach. Funding NWO-Merian Fund. PostDoc position (1y). With Fransje Hooimeijer (TUD Urbanism) and Mike Buxton (TUD Resource Engineering)
  • The Future of Lakes. Ongong research project and initiative in collaboration with University of Strasbourg (2y PD), Aix-Marseille Universite and Deltares (funding CNRS and La Fondation Dassault Systèmes).
  • Quantification of tidal basin deposition rates using OSL dating related to gas extraction of the Ameland Field. Collaboration with Deltares, TNO, Wageningen University & Research and Natuurcentrum Ameland. Funding TUD Climate Institute.
  • Development and Application of Delft3D-GT (ongoing collaboration with Deltares and Equinor)
  • Coastal Change 21st century (CC21). Research initiative in collaboration with Universitet i Bergen, Utrecht University, IHE-UNESCO and Utrecht University.
  • Delta Plan X. Research initiative in the impact of climate change on the Haarlemmermeer (collaboration with ZUS, TBM, Municipality of Haarlemmermeer
  • Transform by design: DELTA X a workflow for delta transformation to climate change. Research initiative on the impact of climate change on the Dutch coastline.


Dr. Joep Storms

Associate professor - Head of Section Applied Geology - Coordinator Geo-Energy Engineering MSc track

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  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
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