Storms, J.E.A.


Associate Professor
MSc track Geo-Energy Engineering co-coordinator

PhD 2002 | Delft University of Technology (Cum Laude) - Controls on shallow-marine stratigraphy; a process-response approach 

MSc 1996 | Utrecht University - Late-Holocene fluvial history of an area south of Donaldsonville in the Lower Mississippi Valley, Louisiana, USA: Reconstruction of the fluvial history


Sedimentary Geology (interest in shallow-marine, deltaic, fluvial, lacustrine and deep-water systems).

Impact of sea-level rise and climate change on natural landscapes and build-up environments



present: AESM1305 Geo-Energy engineering Challenge, AESM1420 Advanced Sedimentary Geology, AESM1430 Simulation and Building of Stratigraphy

Past: Sedimentary System (AES1890), Geological Modelling (AES1850), Geological Excursion 1st year BSc (TA1913), General Geology (TA1910), Geology for engineers (TA3750), Engineering geological fieldwork, (AES1602), Inleiding Technische Aardwetenschappen (TA1009) 


My research focuses on fluvial, deltaic and coastal depositional processes, predominantly on the complex interaction between sediment dynamics, sea level change and preservation potential, which governs the formation of the sedimentary record and potential reservoir characteristics. I favor a combined approach of numerical modeling and sedimentological and geophysical field data analysis, generally from both present-day (e.g. Kangerlussuaq Fjord, Strynvatnet and Loenvatnet, Caspian Sea, Adriatic Sea, Mahakam delta, Golo delta, Rhine-Meuse delta, St. Clair delta, Mississippi delta,... ) and ancient depositional systems (Book Cliffs Utah and subsurface). By combining modeling and field research more can be learned from both worlds.

  • 2015 ongoing: quantification of backbarrier deposition rates using OSL dating related to gas extraction of the Ameland Field. Collaboration with Deltares, TNO, Wageningen University and Natuurcentrum Ameland.
  • 2015 ongoing: Statoil-Deltares: Development of Delft3D-GeoTool. An open source (GPL-V3) online GUI and DataBase software development for reservoir geological applications (co-PI). PostDoc Liang Li.
  • 2015 ongoing: Petrobras: Modelling the Influence of Bathymetric Changes on the Depositional Architecture of Deep-water Systems (supervisor). PhD Thais Empinotti
  • 2014 ongoing: ISES: Post-rift source-to-sink evolution of the NW Africa passive continental margin (co-PI). PhD Rémi Charton
  • 2013 ongoing: Deltares - Shell PhD research project: Implementation of numerical outcrops to improve geological fluvio-deltaic reservoir models (PI). PhD Helena van der Vegt
  • 2011 ongoing: Statoil PhD project: Physics-based numerical modeling of lacustrine fluvio-deltaic responses in relation to reservoir architecture (PI). PhD Liang Li

Past projects

  • 2010-2015 NWO VIDI Personal Grant Project: Untangling the sediment flux control in sedimentary basin stratigraphy (PI).
  • 2008-2013 NWO IPY PhD project: Sediment supply to the arctic zone (PI).
  • 2006-2013 Statoil - TUDelft - Deltares PhD project: On the modelling of river delta formation (PI)
  • 2011 Statoil - Deltares MSc thesis projects Brent Delta (PI)
  • 2011 Statoil - Deltares project on improvements of Delft3D (co-PI)
  • 2005 NWO Talent personal grant (PI)
  • 2000 Schlumberger research grant (PI)

Previous students and PostDocs

PD: Maria Azpiroz Zabala, Hiranya Sahoo, Helena van der Vegt, Gerben de Jager, Andrea Forzoni

PhD: Helena van der Vegt, Liang Li, Andrea Forzoni, Ilja de Winter, Nathanaël Geleynse

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

[45] Charton, R, Bertotti, G, Duval-Arnould, A, Storms, JEA, Redfern, J (2020 accepted) Low-temperature thermochronology as a control on vertical movements for semi-quantitative Source-to-Sink analysis: A case study for the Permian to Neogene of Morocco and surroundings. Basin Research

[44] Molleix, S, Jouet, G, Blard, H-P, Moreau, J, Demartini, J, Storms, JEA, Vella, C, Aster Team (2020) Quaternary evolution of the Golo river alluvial plain (NE Corsica, France). Quaternary Geochronology. doi,org.10.1016/j.quageo.2020.101115

[43] Sahoo, H, Gani, MR, Gani, ND, Hampson, GJ, Howell, JA, Storms, JEA, Martinius, AW (2020) Predictable patterns in stacking and distribution of channelized fluvial sand bodies linked to channel mobility and avulsion processes. Geology 48, 903-907.

[42] Storms, JEA, Beylich, AA, Hansen, L, Waldmann, N (2020) Source to sink reconstruction of a Holocene Fjord-infill: Depositional patterns, suspended sediment yields, wind-induced circulation patterns and trapping efficiency for Lake Strynevatnet, inner Nordfjord, Norway. The Depositional Record 6, 471-485.

[41] Wang, Y, Storms, JEA, Martinius, AW, Karssenberg, D, Abels, HA (2020) Evaluating alluvial stratigraphic response to cyclic and non-cyclic upstream forcing through process-based alluvial architecture modelling. Basin Research.

[40] van der Vegt, H, Storms, JEA, Walstra, DJR, Nordahl, K, Howes, NC, Martinius, AW (2020) Grain size fractionation by process-driven sorting in sandy to muddy deltas. The Depositional Record 6, 217-235.

[39] Candel, JHJ, Makaske, B, Kijm, N, Kleinhans, MG, Storms, JEA, Wallinga, J (2020) Self-constraining of low-energy rivers explains low channel mobility and tortuous planforms. The Depositional Record.

[38] Li, L, Storms, JEA, Walstra, DJR (2018) On the upscaling of process-based models in delta applications (2018) Geomorphology 302, 201-213.

[37] Candel, JHJ, Makaske, B, Storms, JEA, Wallinga, J (2017) Oblique aggradation: a novel explanation for sinuosity of low-energy streams in peat-filled valley systems. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 42, 2679-2696. 

[36] Beylich, AA, Laute, K, Storms, JEA (2017) Contemporary suspended sediment dynamics within two partly glacierized mountain drainage basins in western Norway (Erdalen and Bødalen, inner Nordfjord). Geomorphology,

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[33] van der Vegt, H, Storms, JEA, Walstra, DJW, Howes, NC (2016) Can bed load transport drive varying depositional behaviour in river delta environments? Sedimentary Geology 345, 19-32. DOI: 10.1016/j.sedgeo.2016.08.009

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[31] Gouiza, M, Charton, R, Bertotti, G, Andriessen, P, Storms, JEA (2016) Post-Variscan evolution of the Anti-Atlas belt of Morocco constrained from low-temperature geochronology. International Journal of Earth Sciences. DOI: 10.1007/s00531-016-1325-0

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