26 February 2020

TU Delft Delta Links

The new DeltaLinks are available [Dutch only].

14 February 2020

Postdoc (PhD) position

Development of a probabilistic design method for rock groynes

13 February 2020

Master Thesis Opportunity

The inclusion of flood defences in flood hazard maps.

31 January 2020

New staff member: Hassan Niazi

We warmly welcome Hassan in our department! Click here to read his introductory words.

30 January 2020

MSc Thesis proposal

Building with Nature Solutions in Flood Defenses. Looking for a student to start straightaway (early 2020).

17 December 2019

Building offshore wind turbines quickly and gently without disturbing marine life

How can you build foundations for offshore wind turbines creating as little disturbance as possible?

09 December 2019

Waddenacademieprijs Vincent Vuik

Vincent Vuik has been awarded the price of the Wadden Academy for his PhD thesis Building Safety with Nature. Salt Marshes for Flood Risk Reduction.

09 December 2019

Student project opportunity

Fact-finding study for flooding of Venice (Nov 2019) and performance of the MOSE barrier.

03 December 2019

Understanding and predicting sandy beaches

Sand is the second most widely used raw material in the world, after water. Sand dunes keep our country safe from flooding.

08 November 2019

Guaranteeing freshwater with a virtual delta

Freshwater is vital for drinking water, nature, agriculture and industry. However, the availability of freshwater is under pressure in deltas throughout the world. Salty seawater is penetrating further up the rivers due to human intervention, such as the deepening of waterways, as equally climate change.