Quality Assurance Education

External quality supervision at TU Delft consists of an institutional quality assurance audit and a six-year programme audit by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO). "Earned trust" can be obtained on the basis of the institutional quality assurance audit. Subsequently, programme audits only take place on substantive aspects, since issues such as personnel policy and quality assurance are already covered at the institutional level. For example, it is periodically assessed to what extent the institution's quality assurance system and the associated working methods are robust and whether a sustainable quality culture has been established within the institution.

The reports of the programme audits and the institutional audit can be found on the NVAO website.

A programme assessment is made after a site visit by the panel. The site visit consists of two parts: 1. assessment in the context of accreditation and improvement; 2. the management of the programme also conducts a so-called development interview with the panel in which potential improvements from a development perspective are discussed.

The recommendations of the panel for further development of the programme made in the development interview must be made public by the executive board of the university in question.


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