R.L. (Inald) Lagendijk


RESUME Inald Lagendijk (1962) is Distinguished Professor in Computing-based Society, and member of the Cybersecurity research group. He has over 30 years of research and teaching experience in digital signal processing, including image and video processing, compression, search, watermarking, and digital content protection. His current research focuses on privacy-protected signal processing, data sharing, and algorithm transparency.

Professor Lagendijk has over 15 years of experience in leading national and international fundamental and public-private research projects. He is currently captain of science of the national ICT innovation team, 'boegbeeld' of the route 'Big Data' of the Dutch National Research Agenda, and program coordinator of the national program 'Digital Society'.


Professor Lagendijk was awarded the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek professorship at Delft University of Technology in 1999.

He was elected member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in 2009. He was also elected member of the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities (KHMW), and of the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation (AcTI). He is a Fellow of the IEEE (class of 2007, for Contributions to Image Processing). 

His publication track record and citations can be found on the Google scholar page or DBLP. Professor Lagendijk has (co-)supervised 34 completed Ph.D. theses. He has been involved as coordinator or participant in a range of national and European projects.


Professor Lagendijk has lectured courses in computer science and electrical engineering programs since 1990. His lecturing expertise encompasses digital (multidimensional) signal processing, probability and statistics, random signal processing, digital image and video compression, watermarking, and computer vision. He is author of the text book Statistical Signal Processing (in Dutch).

He has developed the free educational software package VCDemo for use in image and video compression courses. It is an often downloaded tool for learning about compression techniques: from basic sampling and DPCM, JPEG, to the most advanced scalable embedded zerotree wavelet image compression technique, and the MPEG video compression standard.


Current Assignments

  • Chairman of the core team of the TU Delft program AiTech on 'Meaningful Human Control over Autonomous Intelligent Technology' (since 2018).
  • Captain of Science of the National ICT Innovation Team ('ICT Topteam'), headed by Rene Penning de Vries (since 2015).
  • 'Boegbeeld' of the route 'Creating value through responsible access to and use of big data' of the Dutch National Research Agenda (since 2016).
  • Coordinator of the national VSNU research program 'Digital Society' (since 2018).
  • Member of the NWO Computer Science Advisory Committee (since 2018).
  • Member of the board of the foundation COMMIT/ (since 2011).
  • Member of the board of the foundation Cybersecurity Academy (CSA) (since 2018).
  • Member of the steering committee for ICT research at Applied Universities (since 2017).
  • Member of the management team of the ASCI Research School (since 2011).
  • Member of the strategic advisory committee of the Dutch node in EIT Digital (since 2010).
  • Member of the Netherlands eScience Center Advisory Committee (since 2015).
  • External examiner of the EE-program at Trinity College, Dublin (since 2017).
Past Assignments



Professor Lagendijk can be found on LinkedIn. His Skype name is RLLagendijk and his Twitter profile is InaldL.

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