One pervasive trend is to quantify more and more aspects of the world and our lives through data. Datafication is radically influencing the way people, companies, societies, and governments exist and operate. This creates new opportunities as well as new hazards. The INSY department aims to enable man and machine to deal with the increasing volume and complexity of data, in close cooperation with their environment.

Together with the software technology department, INSY is responsible for the Computer Science bachelor programme and the two master tracks, Software Technology (ST) and Data Science & Technology (DST). The department also contributes to the Computer Science specializations Cybersecurity, Bioinformatics, and EIT Innovation of the master in Digital Media Technology.

The department integrates fundamental research, engineering and design in the interlocking fields of data processing, interpretation, visualization and interaction using model- and knowledge-based methods and algorithms. The research is inspired by challenges from the domains of consumer electronics and entertainment, cultural heritage, social media, medical and health sciences, security and privacy, and safety and incident management. The department underpins the EEMCS thematic research lines Data Science, Safety & Security, and Health & Wellbeing.

Research groups


15 September 2019

Best paper award for Jaeyoung Choi

Jaeyoung Choi PhD –student in INSY’s MMC group/ICSI, California, won best paper award at the IEEE 5th International Conference on Multimedia Big Data (Singapore).

12 September 2019

Forecasting Time Series with VARMA Recursions on Graphs

Recent development in signal processing and network science has brought new tools for processing time series. However, it was not yet clear on how to exploit the structure of a network for predicting the evolution of time series.

11 September 2019

TU Delft in 67th place in THE Rankings

In the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings, TU Delft has dropped nine places from last year and now shares 67th place. Since 2014, TU Delft's position in the rankings has fluctuated between 71 and 58.

29 August 2019

AiTech Symposium - Registration is now open!

How can humans stay in control over artificial intelligence and autonomous systems? How can we design and engineer systems that support societal values? The rapid development of AI brings benefits, but also creates ethical and socio-economic challenges. Now is the time to define how we want intelligent technologies to advance human well-being, without compromising our moral and social values. You are kindly invited to the 1st AiTech Symposium to discuss how we can achieve and maintain meaningful human control over autonomous systems.

09 August 2019

M&M2019 poster prizes for ImPhys PhDs Maurice Krielaart and Ryan Lane

ImPhys Phd’s Maurice Krielaart and Ryan Lane have won poster prizes at the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2019 conference in Portland (USA)