Energy Transition

The aim of the faculty of EEMCS is to limit global warming by accelerating the energy transition through innovative solutions, resulting in sustainable, affordable and reliable energy for everyone. We want to create a system integration of renewable energy sources. Our ambition is a flexible and resilient power system, prepared for an uncertain future.

Our goal is also to develop electricity microgrids for communities, for example smart cities including e-mobility and electrical vehicles. A major turnaround is required to make the move from fully centralized power generation and control, to more distributed power generation.

The energy transition will result in a more complex energy system using many new technologies and components. Research is needed into solar modules, wind turbines, power electronic inverters and electric cars.

We use supercomputers to create digital twins of the Dutch electricity grid, and study how to react to physical failures or cyber-attacks within milliseconds. We work on advanced numerical models and mathematics to understand, design and optimize the power system of the future. We are building an energy transition solution platform where society’s expectations and cyber reality come together.

We invite companies, institutions, and innovators to collaborate with us. Together, we can explore uncharted territories in technology and engineering, creating solutions that benefit not just our immediate communities but the global society at large. Let's join forces to shape a better, more sustainable future.