Digital Society

EEMCS threads at the forefront of advancing the Digital Society we all live in. We undertake pioneering research in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Edge and Intermittent Computing, Quantum Computing, fundamental Computer Science and Microelectronics. Our cutting-edge work in these fields is shaping the future of technology.

We are deeply involved in evolving algorithm and computer science research, constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital realm, without losing perspective of the human factor, also in for example software testing. Our AI research is not just about creating smarter machines, but also about developing technologies that work for and with humanity and truly improve our lives. In Edge Computing, we're exploring ways to process data closer to its source -- focusing both on more efficient computing as well as communication technologies. Our Quantum Computing efforts are breaking new grounds, building the first full stack cryogenic computer technologies, as well as the Quantum Algorithms that can run on these novel machines. In the realm of Microelectronics, we are focused on continuously exploring new possibilities in the realm of semiconductors and sensorchips. This research that is supported by two world class clean rooms.

We invite companies, researchers, and innovators to join us in these exciting ventures. Whether it's through collaboration on specific projects, sharing expertise, or developing joint ventures, your participation can help drive these technologies forward. Let's collaborate to unlock new potentials in Digital Technologies and make significant contributions to the technological landscape. At TU Delft we strongly believe that engineering is the key to impact for a better society.