Being a Delft engineer is not something for the short run; it is something you are for life, something to be proud of! TU Delft alumni live and work all over the world. At many places there are local communities of TU Delft alumni that meet each other; some just once a year, some more frequently. These communities exist due to the help of local volunteers, and TU Delft supports them by organising or facilitating their activities.

TU Delft for Life

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We hope you can look back on a great time at TU Delft. A time in which you gained a lot of knowledge and experience and in which you were able to build a valuable network. We would like to call on you to share this knowledge, experience and network. Not only to offer our current students the same experience you had, but also to make a valuable contribution to fellow alumni. The TU Delft community of researchers, students, staff and alumni strengthens each other and this way contributes to achieving a greater impact for a better society. The feedback, knowledge and enthusiasm of our alumni are an essential part of the ecosystem.

Events & activities

Alumni Relations organizes events and activities by, and for, alumni of TU Delft Throughout the year. Some of these activities take place on the university campus, others with local communities around the world. These communities consist of local volunteers, and TU Delft supports them with (co-) organizing and/or facilitating activities.

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Check the Alumni website of TU Delft for more information or reach out to the Alumni Relations team.

Worldwide meeting place is the worldwide meeting place for all TU Delft alumni and is the platform that puts all tools together in one place. Expand your network, get in touch with former fellow students and stay up to date with the latest news and events for alumni. Keep your contact details up to date and contact other alumni directly via your profile page. The integrated world map allows you to find out where other alumni live. Over 8000 alumni have joined TU Delft for Life already. Click on the little boxes below for more information and a link to the platform.

Alumni stories

What are our EEMCS alumni currently doing? These alumni stories show what chances there are for alumni and what opportunities they sometimes create for themselves.

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