16 June 2021

Lunar Zebro and TNO join forces to pave the way to the Moon

Lunar Zebro, an ambitious team at TU Delft will work together with TNO (The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) to build the lightest and smallest Moon rover to date.

15 June 2021

Grants for research on energy transition in Delft

Energy transition is one of the greatest challenges of our time. The transition to sustainable energy is complex and requires change at multiple levels. Three Delft research groups, with an grant from NWO, will conduct research into system integration within the energy transition.

10 June 2021

Heading for AI: a joint agenda for maritime ambitions in the field of AI

The Port & Maritime working group of the Dutch AI Coalition (NLAIC) has presented a position paper ‘Koersen op AI‘ (Heading for AI) on 10 June 2021, detailing the maritime ambitions in the field of AI. As part of the core group of this working group, TU Delft researchers have actively contributed to this joint agenda.

30 April 2021

Arthur Weber in de Volkskrant over de 'zonne-oorlog' waarom Europa zijn eigen zonnepanelen moet gaan produceren

26 April 2021

Royal Honours for mathematician Kees Vuik

Today Professor Kees Vuik, expert in the field of numerical analysis, received a Royal Distinction.

22 April 2021

European grant for TU Delft research into virus spread

The European Union has awarded TU Delft researcher Piet Van Mieghem an ERC Advanced Grant.

22 April 2021

TU Delft simulations help optimize solar cell efficiency

An international photovoltaics working group has developed a new transparent material to serve as a top layer for solar cells, based on nanocrystals. According to simulations performed by the participating TU Delft researchers, this layer can increase the efficiency of mass-produced solar cells to within a percent of their practical limit.

07 April 2021

Stopping Alzheimer’s before it starts

This week the Dutch project ABOARD (A personalized medicine approach for Alzheimer’s disease), a collaboration of more than thirty partners, has been launched. ABOARD aims to prepare for a future in which Alzheimer’s disease is stopped before dementia has started. ABOARD achieves this by improving diagnostic markers, developing personalized risk scores and by focusing on prevention through increased awareness of dementia and brain health.

26 March 2021

TU Delft builds supercomputer on own campus

TU Delft is building the Delft High-Performance Computing Centre (DHPC). This supercomputer complements existing national and cloud-based facilities, and offers academics and students greater flexibility when conducting their research. The arrival of the supercomputer is accompanied by a comprehensive training programme addressing the effective use of computing facilities.

08 March 2021

International Women's Day 2021