The EEMCS minors

TU Delft offers many thematic minors. Most minors are broadening in scope, several minors go in depth. For the full range of minors, see the minors page of TU Delft. 

 The Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science faculty organises the following thematic minors:

Minor possibilities for EEMCS students

LDE Minor

Use your minor space of 30 EC optimally. EEMCS students can choose one thematic minor of 30 EC or two minors of 15 EC within Leiden-Delft-Erasmus minors, known as LDE-minors. When planning your studies, make sure you know when the minor is offered. For example, if you choose two minors composed of 15 EC, you will usually have to take into account for your planning, if both minors are only offered in quarter 1. 

Register for LDE minor of 30 EC or 2x LDE minor of 15 EC via

You need to follow the self-composed minor procedure when your minor of 15 EC is supplemented with courses of 15 EC. 

Minor at another university

If you would like to take a thematic minor at a Dutch university (outside of LDE), you will have to make your own arrangements.  ontact the university you want to attend to find out if you are eligible for the minor in question. If you are admitted, you will have to request permission from the examination board of your BSc programme. (Through the application procedure of the self-composed minor).  

You will also have to take care of your registration with the university concerned. At the end of the minor, you should send your list of marks to so that they can be registered in your programme. 

Minor Abroad (Exchange)

Do you want to do a minor abroad? Use the self-composed minor form. For detailed information how to apply and the application deadline please enroll for the Brightspace page Study Abroad EEMCS.

Internship / Project as a minor (bachelor EE students only)

If you are a BSc EE student, you can choose to do an internship or project, for more information please enroll for course ET3000 on Brightspace.

Self-composed minor (only for BSc EE and TW students)

It is possible that you have other, even more creative ideas about the content of a minor. In that case, it is possible to compose your own programme, a so-called self-composed minor. This applies only to bachelor students from TW and EE.  

A self-composed minor consists of a coherent package of courses taken at Delft University of Technology, another Dutch university or a foreign university.  

In order to be approved, an EEMCS self-composed minor should meet several requirements, which can be found Paragraph 3 of the implementing regulations (articles 13, 13B and 15B).  The implementing regulation can be found in the Bachelor's Teaching and Examination Regulations.


The procedure for applying for a self-composed minor applies to all minors not offered within the LDE structure.  

  • Self-composed minors composed by the student*  
  • Thematic minor 15EC, supplemented with separate subjects  
  • Thematic minor offered by a university outside of LDE  
  • Minor abroad  
  • Internship or project as part of your minor*.  
  • Other subjects  

*Not possible for BSc CSE students  

In terms of coherence and level, the package of subjects for the self-composed minor should, in the first instance, be submitted to a content assessor for:  

Subsequently, the examination committee of the relevant programme must still officially approve the self-composed minor prior to its commencement. 

In the table below, you will find the possibilities for EEMCS students.  By each Bachelor programme you have permission to: 

Thematic minor
LDE – 30 EC Yes Yes Yes
  For Information about enrolment:
LDE – 15 + 15 EC Yes Yes Yes
  For Information about enrolment:
Other Universities - 30EC (non-LDE)


Yes Yes Yes
  Enrolment with the approval of BoE via form Self-composed minor
Individual minor
Self-composed minor: self-composed No Yes Yes
Self-composed minor: 15EC minor + courses Yes Yes Yes
Self-composed minor: Exchange Yes Yes Yes
  Enrolment through Self-composed minor
Internship / Project
  No Yes NA.
  Enrolment through: International & Internschip Office van EWI
For exceptions, please contact: Academic Counsellor + CSE-minor coordinator Academic Counsellor + director of studies BSc EE Academic Counsellor + Bachelor coordinator TW
  And get the approval of BoE of the studies.
  Enrolment through Self-composed minor