International & Internship Office

The International & Internship office offers you the opportunity to develop yourself during unique foreign experiences. These opportunities include:

  • Exchange - study a semester at a partner university;
  • Internship as elective – some study programmes have the option of an internship course for credit;
  • Short stay – taking courses at a (foreign) university for one or several weeks: popular examples are Athens and summer schools;
  • Conference or competition;
  • Thesis/project – doing (part of) your thesis research or a separate project abroad or with a company. NB. A project at a university abroad or a company is considered an internship if it fulfills the requirements (on duration) for the course;
  • Double degree – A master programme at two universities for which you receive a diplomas from both universities.

Check Brightspace to discover your possibilities! If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Ms. Rianne Smits

Mobility coordinator (exchange and internships)

Email exchange:

Email internships:

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