Academic Counsellors

When to visit an academic counsellor?

You are always welcome to make an appointment with an academic counsellor for advice regarding your academic progress and personal situation. The academic counsellor is there to listen, not judge and will act confidentially. He/she can also direct you towards the right point of contact if necessary. 

For which topics and questions can you reach out to the academic counsellor?

Study planning: Things may turn out differently than you expected, you might have to adjust your plans as you go along. Concretely, what does this mean for the courses you are about to follow? By talking to an academic counsellor, you can discuss your plans and how to go about them effectively.

Making choices: one of the hardest things to learn is how to practically prioritize. Making choices and standing by them is an important skill to learn, in both studying and your personal life. Concerning your study, the academic counsellor can support you regarding choices to make in the programme or doubts concerning your study. Attention to the process of choosing, not so much the content is key.   

Studying effectively: are you working hard but not getting the results you hoped for? Are you noticing a pattern in your studying which is sabotaging your goals? Perhaps you would like to change something but you’re not sure how or you are experiencing stress as the exams come close. By talking to an academic counsellor you can become aware of how you study and where there might be room to improve. Career & counselling also offers a broad array of services to support your study skills.  

Special circumstances: there may be circumstances that have a serious impact on your studies. If this is the case, it is important to reach out to the academic counsellor about this. The academic counsellor can give guidance and help to find solutions and answering questions on financial support due to personal circumstances. For specific information on what special circumstances are, go to our <link en student faculties eemcs-student-portal services special-circumstances>dedicated page.  

Dealing with regulations: obviously there are many rules and regulations at the university, many of which you may not be aware of. When walking off the beaten track however, these rules and regulations become more apparent, obliging you to deal with them. The academic counsellor can help with this, offering advice on how to approach the Board of Examiners or answering questions that have to do with the BSA , MOMI or RPF.     

Extracurricular activities: would you like to join a board, for instance at a study association or take part in extra programmes, such as the <link en student faculties eemcs-student-portal education honours-programme>Honours programme? Perhaps you would like to join a Dreamteam? The academic counsellor can help to plan your studies and organize possible requests for the Board of Examiners.