Quality Assurance

Course evaluations at EEMCS: we value your opinion!

At EEMCS we want to provide the best quality of education to our students. This is why we evaluate our courses and programmes on a regular basis. Your feedback counts, so let us know what you think!

We evaluate our courses with Evasys surveys and we organize student panels regularly. Courses are evaluated with a survey distributed via Brightspace. This occurs for:

  • BSc: all courses annually
  • Minor: all courses annually
  • MSc: core courses annually, electives/specialisation courses every 3 years.

For BSc courses a separate survey to evaluate the examination is distributed after the examinations are finished. In this way, students are able to give feedback on the entire course, including the exam.

For MSc courses the course survey also contains questions about the examination and is therefore distributed after the examinations are finished.

Student Panels & focus groups

If you are interested in giving live feedback about the courses in your programme you can join an online Student Panel. Your feedback is very much appreciated!

In week 3 or 4 of each quarter we organize an online BSc Student Panel (so called Collegeresponsiegroep) meeting per cohort. The dates and time will be announced on Brightspace and will be made visible in My Timetable. The Commissioner of Education of the Study Association chairs the BSc Student Panels. The Programme Coordinator of the BSc programme is also attending the Student Panels.

For MSc students we organize an online student panel (so called Focus group) twice a year. The first focus group meeting is at the end of Q2 or at the beginning of Q3 (depending on the MSc programme). The second meeting takes place at the end of Q4. The date and time will be announced via Brightspace and will be made visible in My Timetable. The Master Coordinator will chair the focus group meetings.


After your evaluation, all feedback is gathered and presented to the instructor. With all this information, the instructor makes up a plan for the following year in accordance with the Director of Studies. After this, the evaluation results and the intended course improvements for next year are published.  We strive to publish the results in week 10 of the following quarter.

As of academic year 2020/2021 the evaluation results will be published on the Brightspace page of your BSc or MSc programme. Evaluation results of earlier years can be found on the following Brightspace page: Evaluations TUD (access via self-enrolment).

Note with respect to the Code of Conduct of TUD:  please be decent and constructive in giving your feedback.