Graduation (MSc)


On these pages you can find general information regarding the thesis projects of the EEMCS Faculty.  This information is primarily aimed at students who are in the beginning stages of their MSc studies, and are looking for general information regarding the graduation policy. It is important to note that this is a general framework: every program at EWI has specific requirements and alterations to this framework, especially SET. The framework for graduation consists of:

Thesis information that is specific for the programmes can be found on the course information pages on Brightspace (BS). This information is specifically aimed at students who are about to start, or have already started with their thesis project. The links to the BS pages can be found using the course code (you’ll need to enrol in the course to be able to access the content):

  • Applied Mathematics, WI5005 and WI5005EXT
  • Computer Engineering, ET4300
  • Computer Science, IN5000
  • Electrical Engineering, ET4300
  • Embedded Systems, IN4600 and IN4610
  • Sustainable Energy Technology, SET3901