Thesis at a company

You are only allowed to do your thesis at a company if you have a TU Delft supervisor that supports this and already has connections with the company. Besides a supervisor from TU Delft, you will also need a supervisor from the company.

Legal arrangements 
You have two kinds of contracts: two-party (you and the company) and three-party (you, the company and TU Delft) contracts. The two-party contract deals with conditions of employment (salary etc.). The three-party contract deals with confidentiality and intellectual property issues.

Please be aware that you cannot sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or Intellectual Property clause yourself. This is dealt with in the three-party contract.

For a three-party contract a new contract has been developed in cooperation with the Executive Board of TU Delft. This new contract consists of a document with graduation conditions and a graduation agreement between TU Delft, the student and the company. The graduation conditions state that the company is also free to make further agreements with the student about the confidentiality of company information, the rights to the results and the liability of the student, on the condition that in case of conflict the graduation conditions take precedence over the agreement between the company and the student. TU Delft will not sign an additional agreement between the student and the company.

In case confidentiality and intellectual property is part of the agreement, then it is mandatory to use this new three-party contract. You can send it for approval (and eventual signature by the Dean) to the faculty internship office: Please be aware that the only person who can sign on behalf of TU Delft is the Dean of the faculty.
You can find the contract and conditions below.

TU Delft strives toward open access of thesis reports. As a consequence, TU Delft prefers no limitations on publication of thesis reports. If a company holds that their interests are compromised by immediate publication, an embargo at a maximum length of 2 years is allowed. Should a company insist on a longer embargo period, please contact the faculty‚Äôs Internship Office as soon as possible with a thoroughly motivated request from the company. This request will have to be approved by the Vice President of the TU Delft.

Non EU students
Non EU students need an additional Nuffic agreement if they do a thesis at a company in the Netherlands. This agreement is used instead of a work permit. The company has to have this form on file. The internship office can sign the Nuffic agreement for you. You find the agreement below. Please send the filled out Nuffic agreement together with your contract stating the beginning and end date by email to