EEMCS PhD Council

What does it mean?

The EEMCS PhD council is an active platform that represents the interests of all EEMCS PhD candidates. We raise and discuss issues and concerns of PhDs with the graduate school of the faculty EEMCS and of the university and with the dean of EEMCS. Together we try to find satisfying solutions and policies to problems that PhDs encounter. We do this on all subjects relevant to PhDs, including doctoral education, supervision and graduate school regulations. We also organise drinks for PhDs to get to know each other and learn about the present concerns in the community.

Not all problems we encounter are limited to the faculty. This is why we also collaborate with PhD councils from other faculties of TU Delft. This gives us an opportunity to discuss and defend the PhDs’ interests in issues that play a role at university (or national) level.

The council consists of volunteering PhD candidates. Members get 2 transferable skill credits for participating in the council. Interested PhD candidates are welcomed to contact us at the email address below.

How does it work?

Activities of the PhD council

  • The Council provides ideas and advice to the Faculty Graduate School and dean of EEMCS on how to improve the PhD trajectory on subjects like PhD courses and events, the Doctoral Monitoring Application (DMA) on the regulations and procedures of the Graduate School. It gives feedback and proposes improvements.
  • The Council organizes social activities and events for all PhD colleagues to provide the opportunity to meet and share experiences and to build a community.
  • Concerning university wide or national issues, we, the collaborating councils, are in contact with the executive board of the TU Delft and PNN to share our opinions.
  • New members are welcome. Members receive 2 transferable skill credits. The Council meets once a month. 

How do you apply?

You can contact the EEMCS PhD council by sending an email to

Learn more about us on our intranet page.