Health & Wellbeing

The faculty of EEMCS focuses on state-of-the-art and patient-centered health research. We strive to provide advanced diagnostic tools for precision medicine and affordable personalized monitoring and patient management solutions based on AI. In this way we want to contribute to a sustainable healthcare system for all.

The ambitions of our faculty are to increase accessibility and affordability of healthcare. We want to reduce the health gap in the Netherlands. We are aimed at disease prevention and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We want to enable early screening and diagnosis of diseases. The cornerstone of our health research is working on precision treatment and cure. We work on enabling minimally invasive, patient-specific, closed-loop operation.

We provide technology for the successful monitoring, diagnosis and treatment of many diseases and disorders. We work on digital technologies to combat ageing problems and we create assistive technology for drug development. Our research ranges from mathematical modelling of biological phenomena, behavioral support systems for mental health to wearables, implantables, catheters and probes.

We have strategic health collaborations with hospitals and others universities in the Netherlands. For example through the Medical Delta program, which combines the forces of ErasmusMC, Erasmus University, LUMC and Leiden University, to provide technical solutions for sustainable healthcare. And through the Convergence collaboration (and specifically through the Health and Technology theme) TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Erasmus MC work together on the topics lifelong health, early diagnostics and individually tailored precise medical treatment.

We invite health- or wellbeing-related organizations, companies, and scientists to join us in these exciting ventures. At TU Delft we strongly believe that engineering is the key to impact for a better society.