D&I in IDE: How Do You Design, Research, Teach, and Recruit with an Inclusive Mind in Academia?

with Dr. Elif Özcan Vieira, Dr. Annemiek van Boeijen, Dr. Gijs Huisman, Dr. Elisa GIaccardi, and Ir. Matthijs Netten.

05 October 2022 09:00 till 12:00 - Location: Wim Crouwel Hall, IDE - By: Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering | Add to my calendar

IDE is known to be a diverse faculty with its demographic, cultural, and creative construction. Yet, inclusion is what IDE strives for in order to facilitate harmony in social and academic interactions. As part of TU Delft’s Diversity & Inclusion Week (3-7 October), IDE will be hosting its own D&I event on 5 October (9:00 – 12:30) in the Wim Crouwel Hall. The morning will include an opening address by IDE dean Caspar Chorus, as well as, interactive talks by IDE’s Annemiek van Boeijen, Gijs Huisman, Maria Luce Lupetti, and a panel debate by Elisa Giaccardi, Matthijs Netten and Rebecca Price. Afterwards, attendees are invited to enjoy a potluck lunch provided by IDE's D&I Collective.

Target Group 
Anyone who is interested (students, staff, alumnae, and people not affiliated with TU Delft). 

Type of Event 
Workshop - (Panel) Debate - Dialogue – Lecture 

Food and/or Drinks 
A potluck lunch provided by the faculty diversity collective. 

Registration Link 
Click here to register 

Online Zoom link:

Hybrid event that will be available online and offline. The recording will be put online. 


9:00 Kick-Off
Prof. Dr. Caspar Chorus, Dean IDE

9:15 Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in Design
By Dr. Ir. Annemiek van Boeijen

10:00 Inclusive, Diverse and Fair AI Development: A Dutch Network
By Dr. Gijs Huisman & Dr. Maria Luce Lupetti

11:00 Recruitment of European Researchers through Inclusive project Management
By Prof. Dr. Elisa Giaccardi, ir. Matthijs Netten & Dr. Rebecca Price

11:45 Closing Remarks
Dr. Elif Ozcan Vieira, IDE Diversity Officer