Fermentation Festival: Craft beer brewing contest

10 June 2022 16:00 till 22:00 - By: Communication | Add to my calendar

Finally, we can come to taste all the home brewed beers in real life again! Bring all your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours and try over 30 different home brewed craft beers. Come and join the 5th edition of the Fermentation Festival, organized by Study Association LIFE at East Square in front of X. Who will be the winner this year?

The fifth edition of LIFE’s Fermentation Festival will again be hosted together with and at the terrain of X. Over 3 teams trusted enough in their own beer brewing skills and try to win the prize of best home brewed craft beer, chosen by a panel of judges all with experience in tasting or brewing.

S.A. LIFE is the study association of the study program Life Science & Technology. Within this program, fermentation is an important topic to produce all kind of compounds. But fermentation is of course known because of beer brewing, and so that is what the teams used to make their own beer. By adding spices, fruits, different types of malts and other unique ingredients.

Everyone is welcome to enjoy some craft beers in the sun, get a snack at one of the present food trucks and enjoy a band session or a DJ set. So, bring all the people you know with you, from you parents to your roommates, from your colleagues to your committee members. Hope to see you all on the 10th of June!



Enrolment is not necessary. Participants can attend by coming to East Square!

Friday 10 June | 16:00 – 20:00 | East Square (in front of X) | FREE! |In co-op with S.A. LIFE